Shieldwolf Miniatures’ Orc Shaman Brings Magic from the Mountains

January 21, 2014 by dracs

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Shieldwolf Miniatures is now accepting orders on their latest greenskin, a spell-slinging Mountain Orc Shaman.

Mountain Orc Shaman

The great thing about Shieldwolf's orcs is that they have a rather unique style to them. They are recognizably orcs, but they lack the level of cartoonishness we have come to expect. The result is something menacing and threatening.

Mountain Orc Shaman Back

This model would make for an excellent new character to join a horde of battle crazed greenskins. The model is very dramatic and well detailed, helped in this case by a particularly nice paint job. The only problem I would say is that the orc's legs look tiny in comparison to the rest of it.

Do you need a little shaman sorcery?

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