Slender Man is Stalking Kingdom Death!

June 30, 2013 by dracs

Slender Man is possibly one of the most iconic monsters to have emerged from the internet, growing from a simple photoshopped image to both a web series and terrifying game. Now he has appeared in miniature form as those masters of macabre Kingdom Death have revealed a new sculpt based upon this modern icon of horror!

Slender Man

Slender Man Close

Slender Man Back

If there ever had to be a miniature of Slender Man it would of course have to be done by the superb sculptors of Kingdom Death.

The sculpt keeps with many of the iconic characteristics of Slender Man, such as the swirling tentacles spread out behind him, his featureless face and his, well, slender physique.

However, Kingdom Death have certainly made this miniature their own. Gone is the familiar black suit and tie in favour of a more Tudor style of dress, which makes him look slightly comical yet shows off his inhuman proportions all the more making him, in my opinion, even more disturbing. The detail of the lace work on Slendy's clothing is also, quite frankly, astounding. I might go so far as to say this may be one of my favourite miniatures which Kingdom Death have produced so far.

These preview images appeared recently on their old Kickstarter, along with some other cool sneak peaks. For example, check out these images of the resculpted Lantern Armour.

Lantern Armour

Lantern Armour Close

Lantern Armour 2

Lantern Armour 2

With sculpts like these it is clear that we have some seriously cool miniatures to look forward to from Kingdom Death in the near future. I am still blown away by the quality of that Slender Man model and hope that I will be able to see it in the flesh soon.

If you haven't already checked out Kingdom Death's array of minis than rectify this immediately!

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