Svrill Slithers Forth and Heralds a Reptilian Age from BaneLegion

April 23, 2012 by brennon

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We saw the concept for this serpentine monster late last week, but here is the model for Svrill from BaneLegion and Maelstrom Games.

Svrill Wielder of Khthon

This popped up on the blog of the sculptor. You can check out his Work-in-Progress model below...

WIP Svrill

Not a bad looking miniature at all. Love the attention to detail on the body right down to the tail. The neat flick at the end adds a nice bit of movement to the model. Even if you didn't want this for BaneLegion you could see about fitting this priest into your Lustrian Lizardman army perhaps?

What do you make of Svrill?

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