Sword & Board’s Kickstarter Begins This December

October 31, 2013 by brennon

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We've been covering the Sword & Board renders and miniatures for a while now and it looks like the rules and world of the game will be hitting Kickstarter come December the 1st. Check out their tease...

Sword & Board Kickstarter Tease

Twelve Elements of War sounds like it has a lot of potential. Quick Start Rules are coming before the Kickstarter even launches so that you can feed into the development before the pledges even start flowing.

The game will be based at a warband level but as well as battles you will also be visiting the Tavern, the Merchants, going Pit Fighting and also visiting the Temple, building a narrative feeling of growth around your toy soldiers.

It sounds like they are mixing a role-playing game and a miniatures game and that is no bad thing. The miniatures have been looking good as development has progressed and I think this is one to keep an eye on.

Will you be checking out the rules?

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