Take Titan Forge’s Ogres Huntin’

May 9, 2013 by dracs

Titan Forge have a new release for their pirate style ogre army. After all, when hunting after big game it is often best to use a big hunter and they don't get much bigger than Borgff.

Borgff the Huntsman

This guy is a simple yet excellent miniature and is possibly one of my favourites from Titan Forge so far. Particularly like the markings sculpted on his stomach, which could be painted up to give him some cool tribal tats, or even just some really weird scars.

He is accompanied by his three little Anklebiters.

Anklebiter Forfiter

Anklebiter Franca

Anklebiter Schwagier

All of these are included in the new army deal offered by Titan Forge.

Pirate Army Deal

Do you fancy fielding a force of these piratical ogres?

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