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Titan-Forge’s New Dragon Empire Range Now Available


Titan-Forge has now released their entire Dragon Empire range onto their webstore for you to pick up. If you’re looking for an alternative Fantasy force to use in your wargames then this could be the stop.

Titan Forge Announce New Range Based On Asian Mythology


Titan Forge have announced that this May will see the release of a new army based on Asian mythology; the forces of the Dragon Empire.

Titan Forge Announce New Party Game Kraken Ataken


Titan Forge have announced that they will be bringing a new party game to kickstarter, one of high seas hijinks called Kraken Ataken.

Titan-Forge’s Dragon Empire Army Grows On Kickstarter


Titan-Forge is currently on Kickstarter looking to fund their Dragon Empire Army which will bring together a mighty Fantasy army based on different elements of Asian mythology.

Titan Forge Prepare To Build The Dragon Empire On Kickstarter


Titan Forge have been teasing us with previews for a range of Japanese themed fantasy miniatures. Now it looks like those minis could soon become a reality as they announce they are heading to Kickstarter soon.

Titan Forge’s Krampus Brings Dwarf Berserkers For Christmas


Titan Forge have a pair of new releases, a pair of dwarf berserkers and the sinister Christmas Krampus.

Titan Forge’s Metal Beard Sentinals Form the Front Line


Titan Forge have released a new unit for the Metal Beards, their army of clanking mechanical dwarfs. Now the Sentinals are ready to stand on the front line.

Kaimo Phantoms Materialise On Titan Forge’s Webstore


Titan Forge have come out with a new unit for their mysterious Ancient Spectres of the far future, the Kaimo Phantoms.

Titan Forge Find Something Better Than Horses For Their Samurai Cavalry


Titan Forge have unveiled the latest unit that will be joining the ranks of their upcoming Japanese themed fantasy army. This time we get the support of the heavy cavalry, but with a slight difference in their choice of mounts.

A Busty Ninja Strikes From Titan Forge’s Shadows


As they prepare to announce the start of their Kickstarter, Titan Forge preview another hero that will join the ranks of their fantasy Japanese themed army; a beautiful ninja ready to strike out at whoever needs assassinating.

Titan Forge Ready The Naginata Of Their Next Foot Troops


Titan Forge have previewed another infantry unit that they will be bringing to their next Kickstarter, an infantry squad wielding the famous Japanese pole arms.

Weekender XLBS: Warhammer Fest Round Up – What’s Ahead?


We continue to catch Warren up on the world of wargaming AND delve into some deeper thoughts and background on Warhammer Fest and what’s coming soon from Games Workshop…

Titan Forge Sends the Armies of Japan to Kickstarter


Titan Forge have announced that they will soon be returning to the world of crowdfunding in order to create their whole new fantasy Japan themed army.

Something Fishy Is Happening At Titan Forge


It seems that the sculptors at Titan Forge have been keeping themselves busy lately and a preview has recently appeared showcasing an intriguing example of their work.

Titan-Forge Dig Deep With Their Steel Miners


Why dig holes yourself when you could just get a big steampunk robot to do it for you? That’s the thinking behind these Steel Miners by Titan-Forge for their Metal Beards army. If you’re looking to mine the mountain hollow then these folks will do so in no time…

Titan-Forge Take Out Their Targets From Range With X-Terra Assassins


Titan-Forge have now added some of their X-Terra Sci-Fi range to their webstore and with that the neat Terra Assassin which you see below. This range caused quite a stir when it was on Kickstarter and I know a lot of folks from my local store who picked models up from this…

Weekender: New Star Wars X-Wing Set Spotted & FoW Team Yankee Previews


New Force Awakens
X-Wing Sets, awesome
terrain and Team
Yankee previews get
us excited on this
weeks Weekender!

Titan-Forge Show Gameplay & New Models For Lobotomy


Titan-Forge have worked on a gameplay tutorial for Lobotomy which you can see above. As well as that we’ve got some new models for the game which add to the level of creepiness running throughout this whole board game…

Titan-Forge Fight The Madness With Lobotomy Kickstarter


Titan-Forge are back on Kickstarter with another fundraising effort to get their game, Lobotomy, onto shelves. This one is a real journey into madness as you fight together to piece together the scraps of your fragile sanity and battle monsters from the other side…

Titan-Forge’s Metal Beards Get Hardy Anvilborn Warriors


Titan-Forge have added another set of miniatures to their Metal Beards range which is their take on a mechanical Dwarf army. See what you make of the Anvilborn Warriors below who are most certainly the front line of defense when the holds get assaulted in the mountains…

Send In The Well Armed Colossal Zeppelin From Titan-Forge


Titan-Forge have released their impressive looking dreadnought of the skies with the Colossal Zeppelin for their Metal Beards army. If you want to drop bombs on your opponents this is clearly the best bet…