Titan-Forge’s New Dragon Empire Range Now Available

May 17, 2018 by dracs

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Titan-Forge has now released their entire Dragon Empire range onto their webstore for you to pick up. If you're looking for an alternative Fantasy force to use in your wargames then this could be the stop.

Dragon Empire Range - Titan Forge

The range contains plenty of rank and file troops for you to use in your force but also an array of massive mythical beasts like the dragon you see above and some monstrous cavalry too.

Dragon Empire Painted #1 - Titan Forge

All of the models are presented in resin and scaled to fit in with a range of other 28mm games out there. So, if you're looking for a new Kings Of War army, for example, this could be a very good shout indeed.

Dragon Empire Painted #2 - Titan Forge

My personal favourites from the collection have to still be the Oni. I love these mythical beasts from the depths of Asian mythology and I think that Titan-Forge has done a sterling job bringing them to life.

Oni - Titan-Forge

Currently, Titan-Forge is also doing a Hero Promotion as part of the launch of the range. If you get stuck in and order model from them they will throw a number of different heroes into the mix dependant on how much you spend with them.

Dragon Empire Hero Promo

So, take a look at their range and see what jumps out at you! Even if you don't go for a full-on army, maybe you'll find some neat characters in there for you to use with your role-playing games.

What do you think of the range?

"...maybe you'll find some neat characters in there for you to use with your role-playing games"

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