Evil is Coming from Titan Forge on January 23rd

January 4, 2015 by dracs

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Titan Forge have a new Kickstarter planned for later this month, bringing us all new scifi miniatures in a fight against an emerging evil.

Evil is Coming

We have been seeing a lot of cool previews from Titan Forge recently, but this teaser is definitely the most intriguing. Standing on their pedestal, we see three heavily armoured elite soldiers, while in the backdrop a horned daemon is grinning.

Titan Forge have made some great daemon miniatures in the past, and this campaign promises even more, along with some cool alternative human soldiers. Of course, Titan Forge's previous Kickstarter didn't just come out with standard troop miniatures, so it will be interesting to see what big creations they have planned.

Does Titan Forge's next Kickstarter tempt you at all?

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