Check Out Titan Forge’s Fully 3D Printable Wargame, GRIDWARS!

February 3, 2021 by brennon

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Building on the back of their work creating miniatures for many years, and their Cyber-Forge Patreon, the team at Titan Forge has come to Kickstarter with their new wargame, GRIDWARS: Age Of Cyberpunk.

Girdwars Age Of Cyberpunk #1 - Titan Forge

Check Out The GRIDWARS: Age Of Cyberpunk Kickstarter

This is a fully 3D Printable wargame where everything that you need to play (pretty much) can be downloaded and printed off. Fire up the 3D printers (and your regular printers) and take a peek at this new Sci-Fi wargame.

GRIDWARS features around 100+ digital miniatures, terrain and more which you can print off and use to create your warband in this game. As well as drawing on Cyberpunk aesthetics for their miniatures, they have also included grim marines, weird aliens, post-apocalyptic survivors, Sci-Fantasy creatures and many more pieces within this collection.

Here is how the core bundle of offerings works for GRIDWARS in this Kickstarter...

Gridwars Starter Set - Titan Forge

GRIDWARS Starter Set // Titan Forge

As you can see, there is a nice array of different options for you to tinker with here for making a Cyberpunk wargame on the tabletop. A selection of other warbands and characters can be picked up through their Add-On section, giving you access to Star Smugglers (see below), Borderlanders and more. You could even use these miniatures beyond GRIDWARS and in plenty of other games that are coming out this year too.

Star Smugglers - Titan Forge

Star Smugglers // Titan Forge

The rules that surround this game are still being tinkered with and a gameplay video is in the works. Until that point, we got a broad look at the gameplay elements that are included as part of the GRIDWARS rules.

Distribution of Energy seems to be at the core of the game, making sure that you offer up enough to make sure that your characters can do what they need during a turn. This then flows into a quick and easy set of mechanics where lots of the action is governed by custom dice. As it's Sci-Fi based, there is even a system included to help you get into the intricacies of hacking and engineering as you tinker with computers and build ad-hoc barricades on the battlefield.

GRIDWARS Stretch Goals

As this is a Kickstarter, there are of course Stretch Goals involved. I have taken a snapshot of just some of them that popped up...

Gridwars 20K Stretch Goal - Titan Forge

GRIDWARS 20K Stretch Goal // Titan Forge

Gridwars 30K Stretch Goal - Titan Forge

GRIDWARS 30K Stretch Goal // Titan Forge

Gridwars 36K Stretch Goal - Titan Forge

GRIDWARS 36K Stretch Goal // Titan Forge

Gridwars 46K Stretch Goal - Titan Forge

GRIDWARS 46K Stretch Goal // Titan Forge

I am particularly interested in the two modes that you see above for solo and co-operative play. As we've seen over the past year, being able to play games by yourself or with one other person are pretty darn important. It's nice to see that this is, at least for now, a part of their design for the game going forward.

The team at Titan Forge have already done a game like this called BLOODFIELDS which did well on Kickstarter. So, it would be worth looking into the success of that and what fans have thought of that game before taking a peek at what GRIDWARS offers.

Are you tempted to get a look at this entirely 3D printable wargame?

"I am particularly interested in the two modes for solo and co-operative play..."

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