Titan-Forge Show Off 3D Printed Demons For January 2020

January 8, 2020 by brennon

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Titan-Forge has been showing off what they have to offer in terms of 3D Printing for January 2020. This Patreon project offers up a range of STL Files for you to print off at home to your heart's content.

Demonic Kingdoms - Titan-Forge

The theme for this month is the Daemonic Kingdom and that means all manner of creepy-looking creatures, both monsters and characters that could lead your armies into battle. The team at Titan-Forge have worked on a range of different creations which could serve at the head of armies for many of the well-known Chaos Gods in Warhammer and the like but there are a few which might also work as gibbering creatures in roleplaying dungeon delves too.

As well as the daemons that you can see above, the team have also been working on some extras including a set of terrain which would be great for creating corrupted battlefields.

Demonic Kingdoms Terrain - Titan-Forge

Now those are cool! You could certainly make a daemon sanctuary which is birthing all manner of horrors into the world. It seems like just the place for a band of mighty heroes to bring low a daemon lord.

You can also print off a selection of Bases as well so that each of your creations comes with a suitably brutal-looking environment to take control of.

Demonic Kingdoms Bases - Titan-Forge

So, whatever kind of game you're intending to play, there is something for you across their array of creations. As with all Patreon projects, if you back at specific levels and support them month-by-month, you'll have access to loads of files for you to download and print off.

With 3D printing becoming more and more of a viable possibility for individuals, this is a very cool idea.

What do you make of Titan-Forge's offerings for January?

"With 3D printing becoming more and more of a viable possibility for individuals, this is a very cool idea..."

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