Visit The Old City With Titan-Forge This Month On Patreon

September 9, 2021 by brennon

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The folks at Titan-Forge are back on Patreon with a new bundle of 32mm miniatures for your Fantasy wargames. Fire up the 3D printer and back their Patreon for some STL Files that represent the personalities that dwell in The Old City.

Old City September Patreon Release - Titan-Forge

Old City September Patreon Release // Titan-Forge

The newest addition to their Patreon offers up a range of characters, soldiers and even monsters that you can use when making a rather unique army. You get bands of soldiers with their bows and arrows as well as hand weapons and shields. You also get a bunch of adventurers and heroes that could lead them into battle against some sieging force.

A couple of miniatures really stood out to me and no, it isn't the massive Giant with the howdah on his back. I really liked this Thief/Assassin that is skulking around in the background.

Thief - Titan-Forge

Thief // Titan-Forge

I have somewhat of a fascination with hoods and cowls and I think this fellow has one of the coolest looking ones I've seen in a while. Whilst I have labelled him as a thief I think that this fellow is probably more of an assassin considering all the spikes on show!

The second of the miniatures I really liked was this fellow.

Bruiser - Titan-Forge

Bruiser // Titan-Forge

He seems like a jolly chap who enjoys a good feast and plenty of ale. He is also very much the "strongman at the carnival" type considering that mask that is sitting askew on his face. A fantastic miniature which would work really nicely as a bodyguard for someone I reckon.

Are you liking the look of these new 3D printable offerings from the folks at Titan-Forge?

"I have somewhat of a fascination with hoods and cowls..."

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