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May 19, 2020 by brennon

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Titan Forge Games have been working in miniature design for a while now and their latest Kickstarter brings together a range of different skills they have developed. Bloodfields is a new completely 3D printable wargame featuring miniatures, components, terrain and more.

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Check Out The Kickstarter Here

Bloodfields is born from their time on Patreon where they have been producing 3D miniatures for people to print off at home. Some of their stunning work is now present as part of this Kickstarter which focuses in on some great new options for Fantasy wargamers.

Main Pledge & Stretch Goals/Add-Ons

Here is what they have included in their base pledge for the campaign.

-5ec38e52beae8--5ec38e52beae9Bloodfields Main Pledge - Titan Forge Games.jpg

So, as you'll see, the main set here gives you everything you need to start playing Bloodfields. The three factions involved are classic ones but they feel like they have been given a new spin here and there.

See The Miniatures In Full Here

The Knights/Humans seem to have continued in the vein of valiant lords of battle but I think things get even more fascinating once you check out the Elves and Orcs. I love that big shaggy Beast/Brougha and twisted Treeman!

Brougha - Titan Forge Games

Titan Forge Games seem to have really outdone themselves when it comes to the design of these creatures and things have expanded since launching with loads of additional extras in the mix too. A few of their Stretch Goals and Add-Ons help expand the experience and give you more options for varied battlefields and scenarios.

-5ec38e55a2c42--5ec38e55a2c43City Walls Set - Titan Forge Games.jpg

-5ec38e5c03ad1--5ec38e5c03ad2Dragon Hoard - Titan Forge Games.jpg

Plus, additional Stretch Goals which will no doubt not be far off getting unlocked will start to develop that battlefield even more. Even if you don't use this particular Antique terrain for use in Bloodfields you could have a lot of fun with this in your Historical games.

Antique Terrain - Titan Forge Games

Antique Scenario - Titan Forge Games

A lot of their previous releases through Patreon and their normal webstore are also available for you to add into the mix too. I picked out just a few that caught my eye but you've got plenty of traditional Fantasy races in the mix, each of them with a little twist or tweak here and there.

Dragon Empire Army - Titan Forge Games

I really liked the Dragon Empire when it was first previewed as it brings in a brutal and savage-looking Asian look for the game, especially in pieces like the Oni. I have always liked those big beasts which look like Ogres who have been turned up to eleven.

-5ec38e56e7843--5ec38e56e7844Demonic Kingdoms - Titan Forge Games.jpg

One of my favourite additions to the collection, however, is actually their Ogres. These fellows have been around for a few years now but they look perfect for someone who wants to play this bulky army with a twist. Who could say no to Pirate Ogres?!?

Ogres - Titan Forge Games

There are of course plenty of extra bits and pieces that you can pick up to create your perfect force for use in Bloodfields. I would really love to see what people do with the painting for this range, especially on some of the newer miniatures we saw presented as part of the Starter Set.

Now, of course, all of these miniatures are 3D Printable so you will have to work on all of these at home. Everything you're pledging for here is in an STL format so find a friend if you don't have a 3D printer yourself!

The Game

Bloodfields is also a fully functional wargame too. The team at Titan Forge Games break down the basics of the rules here in this video below...

...but they also break it down on their Kickstarter page too. Their eight-point breakdown seems to show a system which is quite quick and clean with a lot of the complexity built into the cards. They are also working on a Bloodfields Web App which will allow them to tweak characters, cards and help you when building a force too.

Bloodfields App - Titan Forge Games

They are also looking for community support so all backers of the campaign will get access to groups and chats where you can help them develop the rules and iron out any kinks. It's worth watching through the video to get a gist for the game, and it's nice that they've done something to help support the model range which could very easily have just been an agnostic collection.

Check Out The Kickstarter

That isn't to say you can't use these miniatures in other games. I'm sure some of these would be great in the myriad of other Fantasy games out there too!

What do you make of the Bloodfields range and the game itself?

"What do you make of the Bloodfields range and the game itself?"

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