Daemons Take On X-Terra As New Titan Forge Kickstarter Launches

January 24, 2015 by brennon

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Titan-Forge have launched their new Kickstarter, X-Terra Space Force Vs Daemonic Kingdoms and it's already bust through it's target and is marching on towards stretch goals...

Fury Bundle

Decay Bundle

We'll kick things off by looking at two of the big Daemon armies that are part of the Kickstarter right now. They've got the Fury Bundle, which looks like typical horned devils and the Decay Bundle which draws on a bit of that Games Workshop Nurgle spirit but twins it all with an essence of DOOM. Everything does look like it would be at home in that game.

Terra Marines

Terra Guardians

Armoured Guardians

There are a lot more bits and pieces however for the X-Terra forces which include the likes of the infantry above, a mix between Halo Spartans and DOOM marines, followed by some awesome bikers that you've seen before and some hero characters too.

Terra Bikers

Commander on Foot

Captain on Bike

Some pretty cool looking renders out there for some very awesome miniatures. With this set of models on the way, the Eisenkerns from DreamForge, and the entire Anvil Industry Afterlife range you have quite the stock of cool Sci-Fi miniatures to choose from. Let's not forget Warpath is back soon too from Mantic so that might even be a consideration for these armies.

What do you think?

"Some pretty cool looking renders out there for some very awesome miniatures"

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