Snag New Armies With Bloodfields: Eternal Sorrow Kickstarter

July 23, 2021 by brennon

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Titan-Forge have come back to Kickstarter with a new project for Bloodfields! Their Fantasy skirmish game, brought to life in May 2020, is getting some new armies and offering folks a chance to pick up all manner of warriors, heroes and monsters from their collection.

Bloodfields Eternal Sorrow - Titan Forge Miniatures

Check Out Bloodfields: Eternal Sorrow On Kickstarter // Titan-Forge

Since May 2020, Bloodfields has expanded with free rules and tweaks alongside over 200 new miniatures for you to use when building your armies. This new take on Bloodfields rebalances and tweaks the game whilst also offering you the chance to pick up two armies in both a physical format and as STL Files.

If you're interested in checking out the rules for Bloodfields then you can download the Rulebook for yourself. You can also check out the Titan-Forge How To Play Video as well below...

How To Play - Bloodfields // Titan-Forge

Beyond that, you've then got the two new forces that you can pick up for Bloodfields. See what you think of the two different pledges that you can snap up...

Digital Starter Set - Titan Forge

Digital Starter Set // Titan-Forge

The Digital Starter Set is pretty immense. It comes with three different factions. You can tinker with the terrifying-looking Everdark Elves who bring together all of the coolest parts of the Drow from the likes of D&D.

My favourite of the factions in the Digital Starter Set though are the Vile Dragonborn. I love the idea of Dragonborn in general and I think that this is a neat twist on them. You could imagine them all tied to a terrible and dangerous elder drake somewhere in the depths of the wilds.

The next of the factions is the Undead Dominion who bring together some nasty-looking skeletons, liches and more. This comes together alongside an excellent array of terrain and tokens for you to print. This basically means that everything you need to play is included within this pledge.

You can also pledge for the Physical Starter Set...

Physical Starter Set - Titan Forge

Physical Starter Set // Titan Forge

This gives you the resin miniatures for the aforementioned factions that were included in the Digital Starter Set. I am very tempted by the look of these miniatures and this game in general. I think they've gone for a really ace aesthetic and feel for Bloodfields.

Stretch Goals & Add-Ons

As if this wasn't enough, the team have put together some fun Stretch Goals and loads of Add-Ons too. You can pick up some of their existing factions including the Blacklands Orcs, Griffon Knights, Redleaf Elves, Northern Barbarians, Jurassic Amazons, The Damned Crew, Beastshape Tribes, Bloodsail Ogres, Cult Of Flames and many, many more.

You are not going to be wanting for a faction when it comes to trying out Bloodfields.

Are you going to be checking out this campaign?

"I think they've gone for a really ace aesthetic and feel for Bloodfields..."

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