Titan Forge’s Lord of Fury Appears with More Kickstarter Info

January 14, 2015 by dracs

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Titan Forge have put up a more clear image of the intimidating Lord of Fury, as well as giving us a few more details about just what will be happening with their upcoming Kickstarter.

Lord of Fury

Now we get to see the sculpt itself, we can appreciate the level of detail the Lord of Fury will show. The jagged musculature and chains hanging from his waste, combined with the way his wings frame him make this an incredibly menacing model, perfect to lead the Daemonic Kingdoms.

Titan Forge have announced that the Kickstarter will be bringing us two armies; the troops, vehicles and heroes of the X-Terra Space Force and the besieging forces of the Daemonic Kingdom led by the various lords. This certainly sound promising and, judging by Titan Forge's last Kickstarter, we should be seeing some very cool models come January 23rd.

Does the Lord of Fury make you excited for this Kickstarter?

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