New Uncharted Seas Fleets In Stock from Spartan

November 16, 2011 by brennon

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We saw a lot of previews of Uncharted Seas models from Spartan Games, but the actual Starter Fleets and other models are available from their websites store...check out the ones in stock below.

Dragon Lords Starter Fleet

Iron Dwarves Starter Fleet

Orc Raiders Starter Fleet

Shroud Mages Starter Fleet

Thaniras Elves Starter Fleet

The Ralgard Starter Fleet

The only ones that are not available yet from the Spartan store are the Imperial Humans and Bone Griffon fleets. As you can see each set contains a few different ships from the old fleets and even contains a quick start rulebook and fleet guide for your respective armadas. I haven't seen any of these fleets available in my local gaming stores, so it seems only Spartan's store might have them in stock right now.

Let us know below if any stores have been carrying these new fleets.

The Imperial Human & Bone Griffon fleets should be available towards the end of November.

Have any of these taken your fancy?

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