WarForge Make the Inquisition Look Tempting

June 6, 2013 by dracs

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Now when you hear the word Inquisition you either think of a Monty Python sketch or the terrible atrocities committed during the middle ages right? Wrong, you think of WarForge's beautiful belle Inquisitor Alicia Von Gaut.

Alicia Von Gaut

This is a teaser image for WarForge's second miniature and it is a beautiful sculpt and another one of those times when a female has been sculpted as beautiful without resorting to ridiculous proportions.

Although I think if anyone during the time of the real Inquisition ever dressed like that then they might find themselves on the wrong end of the torture implement. I guess that's why she carries mace.

Who wants to confess their sins to Alicia?

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