New World Gaming Publish Collision

September 16, 2011 by dracs

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New World Gaming Company have published their new game Collision, available to download free now.

Here's what the rulebook itself says about the game.

"Set in the chaotic, intensely magical, and largely unexplored world of Gea, Collision is a tactical role-playing miniature war game that allows its players total control over their gameplay experience. Similarly to other miniature war games, players are able to enact battles using painted miniatures, dice, game boards, and scenery. Part of what separates Collision from other miniature war games, however, is the fact that it allows players to use any fantasy or steampunk miniatures that they would like, granting them total control over their experience with the game.

I think that the concept behind this game is really interesting and the images of the games itself in the rulebook have definitely caught my attention.

So what are you waiting for? Click the following link to go and download your free copy and tell us how it compares to the other games that are out there.

Download the Collision Rules

Don't forget... there's a Collision Group here on our site, which is run by the creator of the game... if you're interested, then why not drop by and ask him a question.

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