Wrathborn Begins Their Hunt For Trolls!

November 11, 2013 by brennon

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Wrathborn is developing nicely it seems and the sculpting work has begun for the game. To start things off we have a troll in the works and you can see what he looks like below...

Wrathborn Troll

As you can see he is a bit of an ugly fellow but then what do you expect from a troll? I do quite like the look though and while he isn't finished of course he does remind me of the ones from Trollhunter, a fantastic movie by the way!

Berserker Finalised

Orca Hunter Finalised

As well as the sculpting work on the Troll they have also finalised the artwork for the Berserker and the Orca Hunter. I am looking forwards to seeing how that Berserker actually looks when they have taken it to the sculpting stage!

It's interesting to see the development of a game from this very early stage and I think we're going to continue looking at it as time goes by. Have you also been following Wrathborn?

What do you think of the look?

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