New A Song Of Ice & Fire Baratheon & Mormont Troops Inbound

June 4, 2021 by fcostin

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Had time to adapt to Danyres and her three glorious dragons' arrival to A Song of Ice and Fire? House Targaryen has been dominating the battlefield since the previous release of the Mother of Dragons and the Unsullied Pikeman. However the King's Men and She-Bears of Mormont are certainly not ready to put down their swords in Westeros. With two new releases last weekend ready to enter the bloody battlefield.

A Song Of Ice & Fire // CMON

Firstly, House Baratheon is looking frayed and conflicted as the broken house has become stirred in angst.

Kings Men - ASOIF

King's Men - House Baratheon //A Song Of Ice & Fire

Conflicted, House Baratheon has been shattered into two. One half siding with Renly and the other within the clutches of Stannis. Internal battles within the house are causing chaos, and only one Baratheon King can be allowed atop of the Iron Throne, and the King's Men are hoping to see Stannis' uphill glory to the seat in King's Landing.


Mormont She-Bears - House Mormont // A Song Of Ice & Fire

It isn't just the Bartheon's that are well armoured and ready for brutality. The Mormont She-Bears combine a reckless and savage group of female warriors who relish in the carnage of the battlefield. With heavy armour against incoming melee and aerial, their attire has them prepped for both fierce terrain and fierce battle. They will never quit, and they are very much out for blood and ferocity.

Both of these sets are now available to be purchased online or at a vast range of FLGS stores, so be sure to get the newest instalments to the constantly growing armies of Westeros.

Who is your favourite house in A Song of Ice and Fire? 

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