Black Sun Show Off Stunning New 75mm Miniatures

May 1, 2019 by brennon

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Black Sun Miniatures has three new models up on their webstore ready for pre-order. All of these are 75mm miniatures so they're not for the faint of heart but I'm sure plenty of hobbyists and painters will enjoy these.

Torryn The Legend - Black Sun Miniatures

We start with this amazing Barbarian warrior, Torryn "The Legend" by Joaquin Palacios based on the concept work by Ni Yipeng. You get the real sense of an aged and grizzled warrior here, armed as he is with all sorts of weapons he has picked up over time.

Hats have to be doffed to the paint job by David Arroba which has given Torryn that battered by resolute look. I really admire the work on the facial details, in particular, his frown no doubt focused on some upstart younglings who are trying to prove themselves against him.

Passing On The Legacy

Next up we have possibly my favourite of their new pre-orders, the vignette called Fatherhood.

Fatherhood - Black Sun Miniatures

This piece was sculpted by Allan Diego Carrasco and shows a father teaching his young child how to hunt out in the wilderness. Ruben Martinez & David Arroba have done a superb job on the studio scheme here too, really showing off what you can do with a mix of bright colours.

I think one of the key things that drew me to this one, in particular, was the way they've managed to capture that moment in time really well. The father is right in the middle of directing the younger and somewhat nervous looking dinosaur to strike at something coming their way.

This is a great piece for someone to try their hand at painting.

Street Royalty

Last but not least we have the work on The Duke from Joaquin Palacios based on the work by Olivier Bouchet. David Arroba has once again worked on the paint job for this particular piece.

The Duke - Black Sun Miniatures

Once again they've managed to capture that knowledge of years fighting and brawling in this piece. The battered clothing, a hodgepodge of equipment which is well used and seen better days, plus that magnificent hat mark him out as a man you don't want to cross.

The eyes once again tell a story as The Duke eyes up some fool who has dared to cross him during his escapades.

All of the miniatures here were cast thanks to BrokenToad and I reckon they'd be a superb challenge for any painter.

What do you make of these three new releases?

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