Take A Closer Look At New Plastic Frostgrave Wizards

February 18, 2019 by brennon

North Star has now shown off the Frostgrave Wizards sprues, giving us a look at plenty of the options included with the new plastic kit which is available soon.

Frostgrave Wizards Sprue - North Star

The actual boxed set will come with the options to build eight different Wizards and includes plenty of cool bits and pieces for you to use when customising each character. You have hoods, hats, caps, bare heads and more which can be combined with a bunch of hand weapons alongside staves and books too.

Here is a quick look at some of the characters they made as a further preview for those considering picking them up.

Frostgrave Plastic Wizards - North Star

I think these are looking fantastic and when compared with the rest of the plastic sets available from North Star, you suddenly have a wonderful puzzle to try and unravel as you bash them all together.

These would be great for those looking to start work on creating player characters in role-playing games too!

The full set will be available in March and there are also options to get the plastic miniatures alongside Wizard's Conclave too.

What do you think of the options presented in the box?

"What do you think of the options presented in the box?"

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