Dunkeldorf Show Off More Previews For Upcoming Kickstarter

January 16, 2019 by brennon

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Dunkeldorf Miniatures have captured my imagination with their range of sculpts in an Oldhammer style for use in role-playing games and more. So, with that in mind, it's worth checking out their Facebook Page where they are sharing more of the progress on the line-up ahead of a Kickstarter release.

Haelga Grimdottir - Dunkeldorf

Possibly the coolest miniature from the latest previews was Haelga Grimdottir here. She is a Townsguard Captain from the Far North who has now become a stalwart protector of the city. Seen as rugged and intimidating she actually has a kind heart and stands up for the normal folk, especially against those in power.

You can see some of the work going into her miniature below as well. She's looking pretty on point when compared to the artwork.

Haelga WiP - Dunkeldorf

Some additional sketches are also popping up alongside other previews over on Facebook too including the grim Woodcutter here...

Woodcutter - Dunkeldorf

...and the much more noble Ludmilla von Struttendorf. You could imagine your party of adventurers having to deal with her political machinations!

Ludmilla von Struttendorf - Dunkeldorf

There are some fascinating characters coming to life from this range and it's awesome to see that they've been adding a lot of backstory into the mix too. This goes a long way towards getting people interested in your figures!

Make sure to keep your eye on their Facebook Page and of course here too as we'll no doubt be talking about this range more in the future.

What do you think of the Dunkeldorf offerings?

"...it's awesome to see that they've been adding a lot of backstory into the mix too"

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