The Dweghom Meet Their Leaders In Para Bellum’s Conquest

August 21, 2019 by brennon

Para Bellum Wargames are keeping the Dweghom previews coming thick and fast with the introduction of two characters for this races of Dwarves in Conquest. We lead with their grim commanders, the Hold Raegh.

Hold Raegh - Conquest

Looking determined in their heavy armour and with cruel weapons at their command, the Hold Raegh are going to be getting stuck into the thickest fighting alongside their kin. I like that they have managed to capture a lot of the original artwork in the miniature here and I think moving the helmet's faceplate so we can see the warrior underneath was a good touch.

The Hold Raegh are also supported by the Ardent Kerawgeh whom some may have seen before in other previews for Conquest.

Ardent Kerawgeh - Conquest

Just as deadly with a blade, the Ardent Kerawgeh also find themselves put to other tasks too. Again, there is a great deal drawn from the artwork here and I think the larger scale of the Conquest models really shows off the added amount of detail you can work into these characters especially.

I wasn't going to be drawn in by the Dweghom like I normally would but after seeing some of the characters they get to use I might just be tempted.

Could you see yourself playing as the Dweghom in Conquest?

"Could you see yourself playing as the Dweghom in Conquest?"

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