Stand Before The Gates Of Doom From Printable Scenery

March 20, 2019 by brennon

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Printable Scenery has been working on some amazing pieces of 3D printable terrain for a while now but their latest releases take things to another level as your valiant heroes stand before the Gates Of Doom!

Doom Main - Printable Scenery

This new array of releases breaks down into two different offerings. The first of which is the aforementioned Gates Of Doom, a mighty gore-drenched bastion which challenges you to try and break it down whilst howling barbarians and demons roar at you from all around you.

Gates Of Doom - Printable Scenery

With Khorne getting a massive boost recently in Warhammer Age Of Sigmar I could see this being the kind of base of operations they would like to use for staging their campaigns. You could imagine them bursting out through the gates as a host of Stormcast Eternals charge across the fire-blasted plains to meet them.

The terrain piece comes with working hinges so the gate will swing open and there are a few variants on the curled horns bursting from the top that you can also use. This then works alongside another printable kit to take things up to eleven.

A Brutal Siege

As well as the Gates Of Doom there's also the Doom Ramparts which is a larger set of files encompassing both the wall sections that your warriors will be fighting atop of and the towers where strange demonic siege engines belch forth fire and brimstone.

Doom Walls #1 - Printable Scenery

The wall sections come in curved and straight designs with those brutal teeth jutting out from the top giving the sense of a giant maw bursting forth from the ground. You also get a set of ramps to put behind the walls so your defenders can rush up to the top and get stuck into combat.

Doom Walls #2 - Printable Scenery

As mentioned before this set also comes with some massive towers which could be the scene of a final showdown between the leaders of opposing armies.

Doom Ramparts & Towers - Printable Scenery

I've mentioned that this would be a great terrain piece to print out for use in Age Of Sigmar but it could also find its way into some Sci-Fi games too. Imagine if you worked out a cool skirmish game where the DOOM marine was on the warpath OR you wanted to just chuck this into Warhammer 40,000 as your Imperial forces stumble upon a world entirely consumed by Chaos.

I also like the idea of using parts of this piece for an Epic campaign of Dungeons & Dragons. I could imagine high-level heroes heading to a different plane of existence and having to face down a brutal citadel like this in order to seal away its shadowy overlord.

Dangerous Hazards!

All of these pieces are available as STL files for you to download and print at home so let us know if you give this a go! I'd also suggest looking at their Chasm Bridge...

Chasm Bridge - Printable Scenery

and the Burbling Pits...

Burbling Pits - Printable Scenery additional options to help bring this hellscape to life.

Drop your thoughts and comments below...

"I also like the idea of using parts of this piece for an Epic campaign of Dungeons & Dragons..."

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