Mighty Dweghom Thanes Join The Call For Conquest

January 21, 2020 by brennon

Para Bellum Wargames have been previewing more of the Dweghom releases which are coming out to support Conquest in the near future. Here we have the Dweghom Thanes set which will give you a band of burly noble warriors who will be holding the line.

Hold Thanes Main - Conquest

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Here is some of the background on these deadly looking bearded folk with brutal weapons and stalwart shields...

"In a society as militarized as that of the Dweghom, a need arises to distinguish those who are proficient in the art of war, thus capable of calling themselves warriors, from those who are truly gifted. The Thanes are the latter. Individually recognized by their Raegh for valour and prowess on the field of battle, each Thane is armed and equipped with the best weaponry a Hold’s forges can produce.

Unlike the undoubtedly fine weapon of the warriors, each of the arms and armour that the Thanes bear has been personally crafted by a member of the Tempered marking them to stand amongst the Hold’s elite forces. Capable of weathering the heaviest blows and cutting through the finest chain, these weapons make the Thanes deadly opponents, equally proficient on the attack as in defence."

I do like that these are some of the most peerless fighters of the Dweghom with their personalised weapons and armour representing what they stand for. It means that they are deadly but it also adds in an element of sadness when you think that when one of them falls, they are gone forever and their legend has ended.

Hold Thanes - Conquest

It is the same kind of thing which influences the playing (at least for me) of armies like Dwarves and Elves in other settings too. One would hope that there are more distinguished warriors amongst the ranks of the Dweghom who will be able to pick up their weapons when others have fallen.

I wasn't too taken with the style of the Dweghom to begin with but after seeing some of their heroes and these newer units, I am starting to get drawn in!

What do you make of these Hold Thanes?

"What do you make of these Hold Thanes?"

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