Pre-Orders For Black Site’s Fantasy Game Yafsiga Now Available!

June 9, 2022 by brennon

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The Fantasy world of Yafsiga is now available to pre-order from the folks at Black Site Studios. If you're looking for a neat new skirmish wargame then it might be time to dive in and pick up one of the pre-order bundles.

Tier I Bundle - Yafsiga

Tier I Bundle // Yafsiga

There are three different bundle options for those wanting to try out Yafsiga. The first of these just comes with the token sheet, cards and rulebook but you do also get the Telogradi Banner Bearer. This might be a decent option for those who already have a good collection of miniatures and just want to dive right in.

The second of these bundles is probably the core entry point for Yafsiga. This set comes with the previous rules and accessories but you also get two warbands, ready-to-go.

Tier II Bundle - Yafsiga

Tier II Bundle // Yafsiga

You get the aforementioned Banner Bearer but you also get the Telograd Warband and the Taiga Clan Warband. One of these warbands is a little more martial in its focus whereas the other draws on magical powers in order to dominate the tabletop.

If you want even more for your games of Yafsiga then you can go to Tier III and pick up a whole bunch of additional terrain, a game mat and more.

Tier III Bundle - Yafsiga

Tier III Bundle // Yafsiga

If you've not looked at Yafsiga yet, I would highly recommend giving the game a sneaky peek. There are a couple of gameplay videos and such over on their YouTube channel that walk you through the basics of the game.

How To Play YAFSIGA // Getting Started

How To Play YAFSIGA // Combat

I really like the diceless mechanics that Yafsiga uses and it's fun that all of the action plays out on a small 2x2 space. It means that you don't have to have endless amounts of space and terrain in order to play the game. You can spend more time working on the miniatures and playing games!

Stretch Goals & Free Miniatures

A collection of free miniatures have also been added into the mix alongside the pre-orders for Yafsiga. Unfortunately, you can't get your hands on Blackpowder Petyr anymore but there are more miniatures for you to check out...

Blackpowder Petyr - Yafsiga

Blackpowder Petyr // Yafsiga

Johanna Aurora Scholar - Yafsiga

Johanna, Aurora Scholar // Yafsiga

You could also buy yourself a new expansion set alongside the other pre-order options from Black Site. I for one love the Corrupted Chalice Knights!

Corrupted Chalice Knights - Yafsiga

Corrupted Chalice Knights // Yafsiga

Maybe you fancy picking up some neat Resin Banner Markers for marking where you've taken control of portions of the battlefield?

Resin Banner Markers - Yafsiga

Resin Banner Markers // Yafsiga

There is, even more, to be unlocked at this point as well! I am really liking the strange and esoteric additions to this range and the Claimwalkers certainly tick that box.

Yafsedi Claimwalkers Expansion - Yafsiga

Yafsedi Claimwalkers Expansion // Yafsiga

Have you been won over by Yafsiga? It's always fun to see a new skirmish game enter the fray and I think that there are enough unique mechanics on show to make this one to keep an eye on. I am certainly going to be giving this a shot!

Are you tempted to dive in and pick up Yafsiga?

"Have you been won over by Yafsiga?"

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