Ragnarok Miniatures Raise Draugr Ahead Of A New Kickstarter

August 18, 2021 by brennon

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Ragnarok Miniatures ran a pretty awesome Kickstarter earlier this year looking to add an army of angry Fantasy Dvergr into your games of Norse Mythology. There was even a little sneak peek at their next range as part of the campaign too. Now, we're getting a better look at the Draugr who are coming soon.

Draugr #1 - Ragnarok Miniatures NEW

Draugr Leaders // Ragnarok Miniatures

This is a collection of miniatures to cover pretty much every aspect of your undead Draugr warband. They have worked on plenty of Dragur armed with swords, axes and shields as well as leader figures like the Godi here in his boar skin cloak.

Draugr #2 - Ragnarok Miniatures NEW

Draugr With Dane Axes // Ragnarok Miniatures

If you're going to be putting together an army of Draugr for the tabletop, perhaps to use in the likes of SAGA, this collection works nicely. You have your standard Warriors but you also have options, like these armed with Dane Axes, for your Hearthguard on the tabletop too.

We also have the likes of these archers which could be used when building up the Levy in your warband.

Draugr #3 - Ragnarok Miniatures NEW

Draugr Archers // Ragnarok Miniatures

I like that all of these Draugr have been designed to look more martial than your standard undead warrior. They look like they have retained much of the skill they had in life. They feel like the forces of Hel that have been called back to battle once more during the time of Ragnarok.

Draugr #4 - Ragnarok Miniatures NEW

Draugr Spearmen // Ragnarok Miniatures

You could use these Draugr to represent an army of Vikings on the tabletop or something more Fantastical too. I like the idea that they could be used to represent something more Tolkienesque too. Imagine these as the Dead Of Dunharrow who were called to fight against the forces of Sauron? You'd just have to tweak the warband and take out some more of the obviously Viking elements.

One of the last sets that you'll want to take a look at though is their collection of Dokklfar. These Dark Elves/Goblins would be a neat way to bolster an evil force.

Dokklfar - Ragnarok Miniatures

Dokklfar // Ragnarok Miniatures

These look to be some of the additional miniatures you'll unlock as part of the newest Kickstarter. I hope that these then become the third big force that Ragnarok Miniatures offer up in the Kickstarter after that! It will be fun seeing the team at Ragnarok painting these up and I would imagine a lot of folks are going to be saving some money to back the next campaign.

Are you liking the look of these new miniatures?

"These Dark Elves/Goblins would be a neat way to bolster an evil force..."

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