Ragnarok’s Evil Dvergr/Dwarves Coming To Kickstarter Soon

February 23, 2021 by brennon

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Colin Patten, the sculptor for Gripping Beast and Warlord Games, is coming to Kickstarter with Ragnarok Miniatures to produce an Evil Dvergr Dwarves range inspired by Norse Mythology. If you're looking for a cool new Norse-inspired Fantasy army then this might be it!

Dvergr Raiding Party - Ragnarok Miniatures

Dvergr Raiding Party // Ragnarok Miniatures

The campaign is going to be going live on 1st March and will focus on bringing a huge amount of Dvergr/Dwarves to the tabletop for you to use. There are a myriad of different miniatures for you to choose from with spearmen, berserkers, archers and much more.

Dvergr Archers - Ragnarok Miniatures

Dvergr Archers // Ragnarok Miniatures

These miniatures are looking awesome and they very much fit into my wheelhouse. Not only are they Dwarves but they are also Norse inspired too! Smashing together two of my favourite things is a sure-fire way to get me interested. Available in 28mm, these Dwarves work very nicely alongside a lot of ranges that are already out there. For example, if you've been diving into Oathmark then these should sit very nicely alongside those plastic and metal miniatures.

Warriors Of Valhalla & Hel

As well as the deadly Dvergr that are going to be reaping their way across the realms, we also have the Einherjar who are popping up as their foes! Whilst these are being dropped into a setting full of Fantasy Dwarves these wouldn't look out of place in a Historical setting either.

Einherjar - Ragnarok Miniatures

Einherjar // Ragnarok Miniatures

If you're missing out on the scantily clad warriors then have no fear as Ragnarok are also working on some of those for the Einherjar too with these Berserkers. Skyclad as they are, they are still going to fight for the glory of Tyr and Odin!

Einherjar Berserkers - Ragnarok Miniatures

Einherjar Berserkers // Ragnarok Miniatures

A lot of additional miniatures have been popping up over on the Facebook Page for Ragnarok Miniatures due to the delay in launching the Kickstarter last year. We've seen lots for the Dvergr and the Einjerjar but then we also got some miniatures for Warren too.

Draugr Mercenaries - Ragnarok Miniatures

Draugr Mercenaries // Ragnarok Miniatures

These are some seriously awesome looking undead here that aren't your typical shambling zombies and skeletons! This is just a little sample of what's going to be available in the future and again builds on the options for those taking your Nordic games in a Fantasy direction.

Dvergr Collection - Ragnarok Miniatures

Dvergr Collection // Ragnarok Miniatures

This is a very cool looking Kickstarter that is just around the corner and it's well worth keeping an eye out for more just ahead of the launch of the campaign.

Are you tempted by the models by Colin Patten?

"Not only are they Dwarves but they are also Norse inspired too!"

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