Para Bellum Show Off Stunning Paint Jobs For Conquest Warriors

February 17, 2018 by brennon

The folks at Para Bellum Wargames have shared some more awesome painting by Marcus Stroh Painting Studio on their foot sloggers from Conquest. First up we have this look at some Spire Marksmen...


These are looking awesome, presented on their tray as they are. I think the strange bone-like quality of their armour and skin is very eerie indeed and certainly points them out as something very different to your standard foe.

They also showed off some of the Hundred Kingdoms warriors, both with Crossbows...


...and with sword and shield at the ready as part of a Man-At-Arms unit too.


The models are looking ace with this paint scheme. One thing that I particularly liked was the fact that each area of the model is clearly defined in the sculpt. You are going to be able to pick out each section neatly with a brush and then with the use of wash and dip you'll create some striking looking models easily.

Story Time!

As well as the models the team also shared this snippet from a short story set within the world of Conquest...

Lore Page

Give it a look and wet your appetite ahead of plenty more for the world of Conquest in the near future.

Which force are you being drawn to; the Hundred Kingdoms or The Spire and their Clones?

Drop your thoughts below...

"I think the strange bone-like quality of their armour and skin is very eerie indeed..."

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