A W’adrhun Chieftain Leads The Way For Next Conquest Releases

February 8, 2023 by brennon

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The W'adrhun and the Old Dominion are front and centre of the next set of releases coming out for Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings and by extension, Para Bellum's skirmish game, First Blood. See what's new from their 35mm Fantasy range!

W'adrhun Chieftain - Conquest

W'adrhun Chieftain // Conquest

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Leading the way is the W'adrhun Chieftain who is a new miniature option for those playing as the deadly W'adrhun on the tabletop. This is an update to one of the existing sculpts in the game and the creatives behind it have gone through all of the new processes to bring this in line with the newest miniatures in the Conquest line.

I love the mighty blade and the challenge that he is giving to an opposing general across the battlefield. I also really like the armour design which has been taken from the world around him. You've then got all of the trophies of the foes he has defeated or perhaps the loyal companions that once fought by his side.

The second of the sets features the brutal W'adrhun Veterans who have come to claim their rightful place at the side of the likes of the Chieftain.

W'adrhun Veterans - Conquest

W'adrhun Veterans // Conquest

As you might have noticed by this set, these fierce warriors have earned such plaudits in battle that they have been gifted with steel armour, a variety amongst the W'adrhun clans.

W'adrhun Veterans Miniatures - Conquest

W'adrhun Veterans - Miniatures // Conquest

They now storm into the heart of battle with their new weapons and armour, ready to earn even more glory for their commanders. I love that there is a nice mix of different designs when it comes to the arms and armour, perhaps robbed from different foes they have defeated over the years. They are now perhaps passed down as relics within a tribe.

The Old Dominion

As well as the W'adrhun, there are new miniatures coming out for those fighting as the Old Dominion. This is a new dual kit that can be used to make two different styles of undead warrior.

Old Dominion Athanatoi - Conquest

Old Dominion Athanatoi // Conquest

You can either make the mighty Athanatoi, resplendent in their ancient arms and armour or you can go with the Varangian Guard.

Old Dominion Varangian Guard - Conquest

Old Dominion Varangian Guard // Conquest

The Athanatoi came before the Praetorians in the background of Conquest and are some of the most talented fighters that you can bring to the tabletop. These masked warriors are no shambling zombies.

Old Dominion Athanatoi Miniatures - Conquest

Old Dominion Athanatoi - Miniatures // Conquest

Alongside them, you have the loyal guard of the Caelesors in the Varangians. Taking cues from the Historical Varangian Guard, these miniatures are mighty warriors that have been drawn from all corners of the world to fight under the banner of the Old Dominion.

Old Dominion Varangian Guard Miniatures - Conquest

Old Dominion Varangian Guard - Miniatures // Conquest

Even in death, their loyalty is unwavering and you'll find them at the heart of many an army. It helps that they look freckin' awesome and Para Bellum have used that Dark Age aesthetic to bring them to life whilst also adding their own touches here and there.


As well as the miniatures, there are a few additional releases for this next release. For example, you can get your hands on the new Conquest Tokens Pack which will be handy in-game.

Conquest Tokens Pack // Para Bellum Games

You will also be able to buy a new Support Pack for the City States plus there are Organised Play Sets in the works for stores. There is also AdeptiCon coming up in March where Conquest will have a big showing. A massive tournament, the Resin Beast competition and more will be landing next month.

Keep an eye out for more from Conquest in the move to March!

"Keep an eye out for more from Conquest in the move to March!"

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