Olmec Games Open An Ancient Waygate In The Ulaya Chronicles

September 29, 2022 by avernos

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Olmec Games have launched a new campaign for the Ulaya Chronicles with the Ancient Waygate now live on Kickstarter.

The Ancient Waygate // Olmec Games

The second instalment of the Ulaya Chronicles: Raptor Claw Island is now live on Kickstarter for explorers of the Drowned Earth. In the core set there is a ten-scenario narrative campaign to be played out against pirates and dinosaurs as either a solo adventure or up to four players as a cooperative adventure. In the Ancient Waygate you now play as the Pirates through a five-act narrative instead!

Long before she was declared Pirate Queen Captain Dahu found a mysterious talking treasure in the form of a metal globe. Now you (her loyal crew) return to retrieve it, discover it missing and must now undertake a swashbuckling adventure to recover it!

The expansion is already written and will be provided as a PDF so with playtesting underway for this new supplement as soon as the campaign has been fulfilled, it won't take long for the pack to be sent out to backers and there won't be any additional costs for shipping so if you already have Raptor Claw Island you already have everything you need to play.

Ulaya Chronicles: Raptor Claw Island

Ulaya Chronicles: Raptor Claw Island is a campaign-based tabletop Wargame set in the world of The Drowned Earth. Every standee in the game can be replaced with a high-quality metal miniature, and those miniatures are also usable in The Drowned Earth Miniatures Game. You will need a copy of the game to play the expansion but Olmec Games have a 20% discount on their shop while the campaign is running so if you don't have it already you can grab it now and the money you're saving more or less covers the expansion. Or if you want to go all in there is a massive bundle including all the miniatures you'll need to replace the standees for your adventures in the Drowned Earth.

If you've not explored the Ulaya Chronicles now is a terrific time to get involved with more bang for your buck and there's even a cheeky little 16 bit hack and slash PC level that is going to be available for backers if they fancy a fun bit of retro.

Have you been inspired by the Pirate Life?

"If you've not explored the Ulaya Chronicles now is a terrific time to get involved with more bang for your buck "

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