Massive 40K Apocalypse Gaming Table Build [Part Two]

July 18, 2019 by warzan

Preparations continue for the epic 40k Hobby Weekend. Archon Terrain, plywood, wallpaper and glue sprays are ready! Warren is back from holidays and along with brother Lloyd dive straight into constructing the MASSIVE 20ft Warhammer Apocalypse table.

Massive 40K Apocalypse Gaming Table Build [Part Two]

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Using the amazing terrain sent from Archon Studios this huge 20 feet table will be perfect for the new release of Warhammer Apocalypse.

The lads are working on preparing the scaffolding for the terrain using various plywood we've got from the local B&Q, and glueing textured wallpaper to offer that 3D environment to make our games better than ever!

Thanks to The Range we've found the textured wallpaper for all you hobby enthusiasts looking to replicate these tables for your own games.

How tall is too tall for the buildings?

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