Celestial Painting Contest: 10 Best Painters In The World?

June 20, 2018 by dracs

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All the painters taking part in the Celestial Genesis Painting Masters Invitational have finished their stunning work, so we thought we'd take the time to introduce you once again to these phenomenal artists.

Could they be the ten best miniature painters in the world?

Fabrizio Russo

Fabrizio Russo has always had a passion for art, and graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. He got into painting miniatures after accidentally sending his CV to the Blues Brothers store in Milan, where he began purchasing and painting miniature kits.

He works as part of the Sergeant BlackArt group, with their range of Terrible Kids stuff products aimed at painters. He has a number of other projects underway, including the ambitious MuMi "Miniatures Museum" and PocketArt, and also does work for the likes of CMON, Pegaso Models and Ariada Models.

In the past, he has won numerous Best of Fantasy and Best of Show awards, most notably the Grand Master at Monte San Savino in 2017.

You can find him on Facebook, Putty & Paint, and on Instagram as @rustoart.

Sergey Chasnik

Sergey Chasnyk is a Russian painter from Krasnodar. He regularly provides painting tutorials for Figure Painter Magazine and his excellent work can be found on both Facebook and Putty and Paint.

Aleksandra Cvetanovski

Aleksandra is one half of the creative workshop Craftworld Studios. Alongside Marko Miladinovic, she shares her personal art projects, and provides various tips, tricks and tutorials on painting, sculpting and converting.

You can find more of their work on the Craftworld Studios Facebook or on their blog page.

Enrique Velasco Sanchez

Enrique Velasco, also known as Emuse, is a painter from Spain who has collaborated with manufacturers and collectors worldwide, as well as gaining numerous awards for his work, both domestically and internationally.

He is heavily influenced by 80s and 90s popular culture and tries to capture that in his own work. He describes himself as an advocate of "paint and let paint", believing there are many paths to personal satisfaction and enjoys leading a quiet, professional life.

His work can be found at the Emuse Studios Facebook.

Sergio Calvo Rubio

Sergio Calvo is a freelance painter, lending his considerable skills for companies, Kickstarter and collectors, including Rum & Bones and A Song of Ice & Fire. He has won a number of awards, including Crystal Brush's Best of Show and Monte San Savino's Best of Fantasy.

You can find his work at the Sergio Calvo Miniatures Facebook, Putty & Paint and on his Patreon.

Ben Komets

Ben Komets works from his home studio in Berlin, where he paints box art miniatures for several companies, as well as for private collectors.

He has taught painting classes in different countries and has provided video tutorials for Paintingbuddha and Miniature Mentor. He is also beginning his own range of miniatures, working with sculptors to create miniatures geared towards painters.

His work can be found on his Facebook and his Patreon.

Diego Esteban Perez

Diego is the art director for Hera Models. He also works as a freelance painter as Diego Studios, and has worked for Scale75, Knight Models and Tale of War, among others.

He says that he approaches miniatures in the same manner as more traditional painting, using similar light techniques, contrasts and colours. He is particularly influenced by the art of the Baroque period.

He has won numerous awards, including numerous Golden Demons and Gold Master at MFCA and World Expo.

His work can be found at Diego Studios website and Facebook.

Antonio Peña Jiménez

Antonio is a painter based in Malaga, who provides various painting tutorials, and has published articles with Euromodelismo and  PaintingWar.

You can find more examples of his work at the Antonio Peña Miniatures Facebook, Putty & Paint, and on his Patreon.

Massimiliano Richiero

Massimiliano is a painter from the Italian province of Turin. He got into miniatures at age 12, when he bought his first set of Games workshop Warhammer figures, combining them with his passion for comics.

He specialises in the restoration of paper works, as well as sculpting and painting, which he managed to turn from hobby to vocation in 2008 and now provides work for the MuMi Museum of Miniatures.

You can find out more about his work on his Facebook and Putty & Paint.

Francesco Farabi

Francesco works as a commision painter, offering his painting services as part of Bellerofonte Art Studio, and has worked on such projects as the recent Black Rose Kickstarter, Kimera, and Pegaso Models. He also conducts painting tutorials and classes.

His work can be seen on his own Francius Bellerofonte Facebook page.

Be sure to let us know what you think of these painters' work in the comments below.

If you want to see more, be sure to head over to the Celestial Miniatures Facebook Group page.

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