Community Spotlight: D&D Nostalgia, Dark Age Rules & World War I Germans

October 6, 2021 by crew

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Come and join us for another delve into the Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great-looking miniature wargaming painting and hobbying this week...


...make sure to always let us know what YOU have been working on and share it across the site.


The Demon Idol by 144artist

We start with a project that I have been looking at for a while. 144artist has been working away on this Dungeons & Dragons diorama for a while using the wonderful piece of terrain from the folks at Otherworld Miniatures. This is a massive dose of nostalgia.

The Demon Idol #1 - 144artist

This Demon Idol was on the front cover of the Advanced D&D Player's Handbook and it captured the imagination of pretty much every kid and adult at the time. It has become such an iconic scene that it has also featured in 3rd Edition content and beyond. I also think that 144artist has done an exceptional job of painting this up.

The Demon Idol #2 - 144artist

Each stage of bringing this diorama to life has been documented over on the project link above and it was great seeing how the colour choices and such came through to represent the finished project. I love the object source lighting that sits at the heart of the piece, to begin with. It makes things suitably evil-looking and terrifying!

The Demon Idol #3 - 144artist

I also like all of the little details that have been captured in the sculpt. I like the mirror image of the smaller idol and the mismatched paving which speaks to a place that might have seen many visitors over the years. I also like that you've got actual little gems that slot into the eyes of this idol!

This is a really impressive paint job that captures the look and feel of the original artwork very well. Great work!


Lord Of The Dark Ages by balthazaar

The next of the projects we're going to be looking at comes from balthazaar who has been working on their own hybrid game for playing out their Dark Age adventures on the tabletop.

Lord Of The Dark Ages - balthazaar

They already have a decent-looking army of Vikings and have played a fair few games too. SAGA, Hail Caesar and such have been played but neither of them has really suited their playstyle. So, they have taken to trying to rework and tweak the rules from the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game to suit some Dark Age wargaming.

Here is how the statistics and such look right now!

Lord Of The Dark Ages Stats - balthazaar

The Rohan statistics have been used as the baseline for this Viking army as well as an array of special rules and such that from the core Middle-earth rules. The more narrative elements of the Middle-earth rules look like they would suit the Dark Age setting very nice and allow you to play out some fun games set during the period.

balthazaar has also talked about retaining magic (such as it is in the Middle-earth wargame) as it suits the more mythological elements present in the Norse sagas. Things have been coming together rather nicely so far and it would be neat to see what balthazaar does when it comes to other factions.


15mm World War I Germans by draco84oz

Finally, we have something from the other end of the Historical spectrum. World War I is front and centre in a lot of minds this year it seems and so draco84oz took up the task of painting up some World War I Germans for use with Flames Of War: Great War.

Flames Of War Great War #1 by draco84oz

Things have been rather "locked down" of late and so this project has taken a while to come to life but I think that the miniatures we're seeing so far look fantastic. There is some great looking infantry in this army already as well as a few big guns which suit one-half of the forces fighting at the Battle Of Messines Village.

The Germans are obviously on the one side but the Kiwi's are popping up soon too. That isn't before we got to see some excellent painting of some World War I tanks!

Flames Of War Great War #2 by draco84oz

Again, I really like the detailed work here and I think these vehicles, in particular, have come together very well indeed. The camouflage works nicely and I think there's just enough of the metallics in there to break it up and add a bit of weathering into the mix as well.

I am always eager to see people not only tackle a focused project but also World War I. I would love to see how this continues to grow as we get to see the Commonwealth forces come to life.

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"What Are You Painting Now?"

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