Community Spotlight: General Grievous, Raging Vikings & Grindelwald

April 12, 2020 by crew

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Come and join us for another delve into the Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great looking pieces this week...

Community Spotlight: General Grievous, Raging Vikings & Grindelwald

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General Grievous by graystoak

We start off this week's Community Spotlight with a look at the world of Star Wars. graystoak has been working away hard on more fantastic models from this range and tackled one of my favourites recently, the deadly Jedi killer; General Grievous.

General Grievous #1 by graystoak

Two different approaches to this model where finished by graystoak for their growing Star Wars: Legion collection. One of them (shown above) comes without his cloak on and two lightsabres in hand, ready to hunt down whatever foolish Jedi seeks to face him on the battlefield. Here you can immediately see the detail worked into the face and I love that you can see the remains of the creature that Grievous was beneath the mask.

A more commanding version of him has also been painted up (shown below) with his cloak over his shoulders. This is the version of him many know from the films. You get the sense that this is the form he takes when he is looking to stare down his underlings before battle begins.

General Grievous #2 by graystoak

graystoak has done some really great stuff as part of their project (linked above) where they go into detail about all of the different methods used when bringing this miniature to life. As well as tackling these final steps, where highlighting and such is involved, they also went in and worked on plenty of helpful hints and tips from the very start of the project.

This just makes me want to paint Star Wars: Legion models all the more. I'm not overly fussed by the game but the miniatures look great!

Blood Rage Clans by taochi

Next, we're stepping into the world of Norse mythology and the Blood Rage board game by CMON. taochi has been doing what I attempted to do and never finished and that is paint up the clans from the game in their entirety!

Blood Rage Clans #1 by taochi

I have just picked out two of the clans which were finished quite recently by taochi and it shows just how much detail you'll find as part of this set. Say what you will about CMON, they do make some stunning miniatures for their board games and Blood Rage is a Viking-lover's dream.

I love that each of the clans has been painted up nicely to match their colour in-game and even though you've got a couple of repeating sculpts, you've got plenty of ways to make them look individual. As was mentioned in the project, you could easily use these models as part of a warband in the likes of Ragnarok or Blood Eagle.

Blood Rage Clans #2 by taochi

There is plenty more for you to check out from this particular project over on the link above. I think it's ace that someone has put all of this effort into painting up these models and making sure they look perfect for when you break out the board game. It certainly makes a difference when all of the models have been painted to match the amazing graphic design of the board and other components.

Grindlewald by d2painterth

Finally, we're looking to the work of d2painterth who has been working away on some of the models from the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game. Here we have the amazing work on Grindlewald, summoning up all of his magical power to unleash in his enemies.

Grindelwald by d2painterth

Encouraged by a marathon painting session and competition that was put forth by Knight Models, d2painterth thought that this was a good excuse to break out this model and bring it to life. I think the end result is a really moody and imposing version of Grindlewald which builds on his character from the films and then some. You get a real sense of menace from the deep red that builds up underneath his feet through to the pale blue that surrounds him.

Plenty of the steps that made this project a reality have been documented as part of the project (linked above) and it really is a treat. It's nice seeing how the zenith helped bring the model to life as a whole and benefitted all of the steps which then followed. It is well worth checking this out.

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