Community Spotlight: Pulp Heroes, Stormcast Starters & Fantasy Warriors

June 9, 2021 by brennon

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Come and join us for another delve into the Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great looking miniature wargaming painting and hobbying this week...


...make sure to always let us know what YOU have been working on and share it across the site.


Pulp City by donimator

Pulp City is one of those games that I have always been fascinated by but never really learned much about. So, it was nice to see a project from donimator popping back up showing off a battle report and some of their miniatures in the midst of the action.

Pulp City #1 by donimator

To begin with, it was neat to see some of the miniatures from the Pulp City collection popping up. They do some great miniatures which are different spins on traditional characters from comic books and such. But, they also have lots of unique miniatures in there too. Some of the newest came from Team Aegis.

They then took to this rather well-designed tabletop where they clashed in a fun battle report. It's always neat seeing battles in action as we so rarely get to do them when we spend all of our time putting together army lists and painting miniatures.

Pulp City #2 by donimator

What was cool about this particular battle though was the fact that it was using the new solo rules for the game. donimator put together a fun horde game where the supremes had to put down the enemy and survive long enough to destroy all of the spawn points around the map.

Pulp City #3 by donimator

This was very cool to see all come together like this and I love how dynamic and interesting the battlefield is for this particular showdown. There are quite a few more images of the game in progress over on the project link above and more on how this all played out.

As I said, this project has risen back from the depths so there is still a lot of extra stuff to dive into with the project if you want to learn more about Pulp City. I'm sure donimator would be happy to answer some questions too!


Stormcast Eternals by MillieClarissaPearce

Next up we're turning to someone who has dived into the hobby for the first time! MillieClarissaPearce got her hands on this set of Stormcast Eternals for their ninth birthday and set to work painting up these Age Of Sigmar miniatures. I think they turned out really well!

Stormcast Eternals #1 by MillieClarissaPearce

For some of the first miniatures that someone has painted, I have to give a big thumbs up! My first miniatures were nowhere near as good as these and I really like how all the different stages have been attempted.

Stormcast Eternals #2 by MillieClarissaPearce

Not only have the base layers come together really nicely but you can also see plenty of work on the shading of the armour and robes. Then, and this is a step I never attempted when I was younger, we've also got highlighting on various portions of the miniature too!

A solid job from MillieClarissaPearce and they even went as far as to document each step of the process over on their project which you can find linked above. It's neat seeing more people dive into the hobby and I hope these three miniatures are going to encourage them to look towards more in the future!


Fantasy Warriors by peacefulwarrior

From someone starting anew to someone looking back into the distant past. Well, 1990. Here we have peacefulwarrior's project where they have taken the mighty Fantasy Warriors and started bringing this old wargame back to life!

Fantasy Warriors #1 by peacefulwarrior

Fantasy Warriors is a game designed by Nick Lund and featured miniatures from the classic Grenadier collection. It was, much like Warhammer Fantasy Battles, a mass battle system that allowed you to play out small skirmishes of between twenty-to-forty miniatures through to epic battles between huge forces.

peacefulwarrior managed to get their hands on some of these miniatures as you can see here and has been painting them up particularly nicely. Not only do we have the beginnings of a mighty Orc horde but also a band of stalwart and dour Dwarves too.

Fantasy Warriors #2 by peacefulwarrior

This game sounds like it could have been right up my street when I was younger. I really love the sculpts and I bet that a lot of people have probably heard of this amongst our community. If you have not, it is well worth checking out the project as peacefulwarrior as they have really delved into the backstory of this particular game.

I am very eager to see more from this project as the additional miniatures get painted up. Let us know if Fantasy Warriors ever graced your tabletop!

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"What Are You Painting Now?"

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