Community Spotlight: Waking Woods, Classic Fantasy & A Brilliant Blood Angel

March 15, 2020 by brennon

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Come and join us for another delve into the Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great looking pieces this week...

Community Spotlight: Waking Woods, Classic Fantasy & A Brilliant Blood Angel

...make sure to always let us know what YOU have been working on and share it across the site.

Sylvaneth by jabbaa

First off we're starting in the world of the Mortal Realms and looking at the work of jabbaa and his Sylvaneth army. I have always been tempted by this army as the one to start picking up for the game and it's always great seeing people painting up such intricate miniatures!

Sylvaneth #1 by jabbaa

One of the awesome things about the army is that it paints up in some fascinating ways with the use of both contrast paints and regular ones too. Here, jabbaa has been working with contrast paints across the board and I think it has created an absolutely awesome look for these characters in particular. I really think that contrast paints work well on organic figures and considering the nature of the Sylvaneth, it seems like the perfect fit.

Sylvaneth #2 by jabbaa

The work by jabbaa here is fantastic and I love the mix between the dark and light tones which help bring these woods to life. At its core, the scheme is very much just a simple mix of both brown and green but the little drop of bright blue and such in the mix really helps to bring the models to life. I think that with the right kind of basing, this will be a fantastic looking army.

jabbaa has even done a great look at the step-by-step process that he has gone through in bringing the models to life. Man, I am very, very, very tempted to pick up a Sylvaneth army right now or at least just their Warhammer Underworlds box.

Sylvaneth #3 by jabbaa

Talking of basing as I was before, it is well worth diving into the project linked above and checking out what they have been doing. Who would have thought that Italian Seasoning from Morrissons would be such a good way to show the leaves of the forest realm?

Fantasy Classics by 144artist

We're stepping from one realm of Fantasy to another and 144artist has been showing off the painting for his growing Kings Of War armies. Across the project, we've seen a lot of interesting models which come from a collection of different companies. For example, here we have a Blood Dragon Vampire which was recently painted up to match his Undead army.

Kings Of War Miniatures #1 by 144artist

As well as that awesome contrast between the red and black here, classic vampire colours, 144artist also dived in and did some sterling work on the freehand emblem on the back of his cloak. I would not have a steady hand good enough to make this a reality!

Kings Of War Miniatures #4 by 144artist

Keeping with the Undead theme, 144artist has also been tinkering on this project for a while. So, make sure to dive back in and take a look through the wider project where he has been working on skeletons, zombies and more. I thought these old skeletons looked rather regimented and it shows the necromancer has plenty of power!

Kings Of War Miniatures #3 by 144artist

But, one of the awesome things about Kings Of War is that you just need the footprint of a unit on the tabletop. Because of that, a unit doesn't have to be rank and file infantry and could instead be brought together into a diorama. This is what 144artist has done with this excellent Oldhammer Dwarf unit for use in the game.

Kings Of War Miniatures #2 by 144artist

I really like this, a set of classic Dwarfs, brought together into a little set as they march out of their hold in search of glory on the battlefield. A few terrain elements in the middle of the unit help to give a bit more character to the unit and when you're not gaming, it becomes a display piece!

Blood Angel by brushstroke

Finally, we're heading to the grim darkness of the far future and this excellent looking Blood Angel Primaris Space Marine. Shown here breaching through a door, this is a superb little display piece which showcases some excellent painting talent.

Blood Angel #1 by brushstroke

Well, that is cool. I love the way that the Space Marine has been painted here with a more matte finish which gets rid of some of the shine you normally see on a Space Marine. All of the details have been picked out wonderfully from the lights on his power armour to the workings of the bolt rifle and his accessories. Also, that is a sterling symbol on his lead shoulder as his faith in the Chapter takes him into the chaos.

Blood Angel #2 by brushstroke

Also, there is something to be said for the background that has been added into the mix around the Blood Angel. The door has also been given a lot of love and attention, smashed open by the might of the Space Marine on the other side. The spent (and tumbling) bolter rounds which are clattering to the floor also give you a sense of the action unfolding.

Blood Angel #3 by brushstroke

If you like Space Marines then you should certainly check out the link to the project up above. Dive in, give it a look and maybe get some inspiration for your next Space Marine painting project!

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