The Many Faces Of Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings

July 14, 2020 by brennon

The folks at Para Bellum Wargames have recently been showing off some character portraits and diving deeper into who these people from the world of Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings are. This seems to just be the start of their deeper dive into the narrative and exploring some of the characters that inhabit this world.

Alekaneros Portrait - Conquest.jpg

Alekaneros // Conquest (Read Their Story)

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Each of the characters has been provided with a rather awesome piece of artwork and a wealth of backstory for you to dive into. A fun thing we've been doing is looking at these character portraits and then working out what models they might match up with when it comes to the miniatures range. For example, Alekaneros here reminds us of the Arden Kerawegh although there is something a little different about him of course.

Arden Kerawegh Miniature - Conquest.jpg

Arden Kerawegh Miniature // Conquest

This led us to look at some of the other options that were presented as part of this portrait series (which is not done yet!). Next up from this series of portraits we have Erich Schur here.

Imperial Officer Portrait - Conquest.jpg

Erich Schur // Conquest (Read Their Story)

This particular character seems like they would be a really good match for the Imperial Officer miniature. It is worth diving in and exploring his story above as it goes into more detail about his role within the armies of The Hundred Kingdoms.

Imperial Officer Miniature - Conquest.jpg

Imperial Officer Miniature // Conquest

What we've been wondering, as we go further through this list of characters, is how this is going to be represented in the game. Perhaps these characters are going to be simply a peek at the deeper lore for Conquest or maybe we're going to be getting some special characters and miniatures to match them!

Shaman Portrait - Conquest.jpg

Timoleon The Lion // Conquest (Read Their Story)

This is, of course, interesting as we do already have some options and miniatures available for each of these characters that they have explored in more detail. There are some design choices here and there which mark them out as different though so it would be fun to see alternative sculpts.

Shaman Miniature - Conquest.jpg

Shaman Miniature // Conquest

Sticking with The Hundred Kingdoms and some of the more traditional Fantasy Humans of the world of Conquest we have Dorná “L’Urielle” de Rosmund here who seems like quite the severe woman!

Uriellel Portrait - Conquest.jpg

Dorná “L’Urielle” de Rosmund // Conquest (Read Their Story)

She matches up, at least in our mind, with the Chapter Mage miniature. Although, this lady is a lot younger when compared to Dorná and I think that it would be nice to see the prim and proper version of the character turned into a miniature.

Chapter Mage Miniature - Conquest.jpg

Chapter Mage Miniature // Conquest

Looking to The Spires and their menagerie of clones, we also have this portrait for The Fractured Concord, a terrifying peek into the many faces which seek to undermine The Hundred Kingdoms.

Highborne Portrait - Conquest.jpg

The Fractured Concord // Conquest (Read Their Story)

Whilst there isn't a specific miniature which worked for this particular character, we did think it would match up well when compared against the new Lineage Highborne.

Lineage Highborne Miniature - Conquest.jpg

Lineage Highborne Miniature // Conquest

Finally, for The Spires, we had one final portrait and story which surrounds the Faded Magenta.

Pheromancer Portrait - Conquest.jpg

Faded Magenta // Conquest (Read Their Story)

This is one of the Pheromancers from The Spires and it will be fascinating to see how this creature's miniature comes together in successive updates. This is just a selection of the portraits that Para Bellum Wargames has been showing off and there will be more featured each week over on their website.

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As we mentioned earlier in the article, it would be fun to see if miniatures come out to match these special characters who have been explored in more detail through the lore. If not, it would be great to see how they get included as part of your factions on the tabletop with specific paint schemes.

Are you going to be delving in and painting up miniatures to match these characters and their factions of choice?

" would be fun to see if miniatures come out to match these special characters who have been explored in more detail through the lore"

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