Three Infinity Trailers Get Us Hyped For Daedalus’ Fall

March 8, 2019 by dracs

Exciting things are happening in the Infinity as Corvus Belli reveal three new trailers showcasing their new army pack and campaign book, which promises to change the Human Sphere forever.

Re-Shape The Human Sphere

The first trailer introduces us to the new campaign book, Daedalus' Fall.

The book contains brand new background and rules to help advance, not just the story of the Human Sphere, but also the different factions and forces battling within it.

An exclusive Brawler Hacker is also available alongside the book, but only as part of the pre-order.

The Spiral Corps Joins The Fight

The second trailer introduces us to the Spiral Corps, a new army pack going up for pre-order from Corvus Belli.

The Spiral Corps are part of the NA2 (non-aligned armies) and are made up of veterans of the Tohaa Army, alongside some human mercenaries, operating in the Human Sphere in pursuit of a secret mission.

This Army Pack also comes with a pre-order exclusive miniature, namely Hatail Spec-Ops.

All Together Now!

Finally, the third trailer takes a look at these new releases as a whole, bringing them all together to form a Daedalus' Fall Bundle.

The bundle brings together both the campaign book and the army pack, as well as their respective pre-order exclusive miniatures.

It also comes with its own pre-order exclusive; the Mercenary Ninja Saito Togan.

Infinity is a game I will always have an immense interest in and fondness for. It was the first scifi skirmish game I played and I love seeing how the world has evolved and changed over the years. I am now dying to get a look in the pages of Daedalus' Fall and find out what is happening in this new chapter for the Human Sphere.

All of these will be for pre-order from Corvus Belli between March 11th to April 1st, and if you want to find out more about them, Corvus Belli are going into detail on their YouTube channel with a full themed week of content.

What do you hope to find in this latest campaign book?

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