Let’s Play! The Silver Bayonet – British Vs French Confirmed Kill Scenario | Osprey Games

December 18, 2021 by dignity

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Gerry and Justin get stuck into a full Let's Play of Osprey Games' new Napoleonic Gothic Horror miniatures game, The Silver Bayonet. The British are clashing against the French in this Confirmed Kill scenario.


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In Confirmed Kill, the hunters are searching for the remains of a dead agent. Their goal is to find the agent and his signet ring as proof of their death. Unfortunately, whatever killed him might still be stalking the shadows and neither side is particularly friendly either!

Comment To Win!

You can win yourself 1 of 3 bundles for The Silver Bayonet Week thanks to North Star Military Figures. All you have to do is comment via OnTableTop, YouTube and you get an extra chance as a Cult Of Games Member.


OnTableTop - French Unit & Rulebook


YouTube - British Unit & Rulebook


Cult Of Games - Spanish Unit & Rulebook


Comment on each of the videos and let us know which one of these collections have really caught your eye!

Is your money on the British or the French in this The Silver Bayonet clash?

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