NO Weekender Or XLBS This Week – Tell Us What You’ve Been Doing Hobby-Wise!

August 7, 2020 by brennon

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There is NO Weekender or XLBS this week unfortunately due to some unforeseen circumstances. Rest assured that we're going to be back next week with plenty of laughs and hobby goodness but for this week you'll have to do without our ugly mugs.


Catch Up On Previous Weekender Episodes

Instead of a Weekender this week we've got a few bits and bobs for you to take a look at instead. For example, the new Infinity N4 is going to be arriving for pre-orders on Monday as well as a week of videos from Corvus Belli. Make sure to check out all we've seen so far below.


Check Out The Infinity N4 Preview

Also, there are two painting tutorials which you need to check out from the very talented John. Not only is the new Necron Miniature Painting Tutorial available for FREE to everyone...


Watch The Tutorial Here

...but you can also now view the Space Marine Miniature Painting Tutorial 7 Days before anyone else if you have a Cult Of Games Membership.


Watch The Tutorial Here

On the news front, the big update was that we are now looking forward to a new edition of Blood Bowl landing soon from Games Workshop. You can find out about that on the links down below too!


Bogenhafen Barons


Thunder Valley Greenskins

If there was anything else from this week that caught your eye, make sure to let us know in the comments below and tell us what got you excited about tabletop gaming.

Hobby Time - What Have You Been Doing?

In terms of what we've been doing, you can catch up on the hobby time we've had this week by checking out some of the projects from the team. Warren, for example, has been working away on a massive 15mm 1/100 Scale Cargo Ship which is looking pretty ace.


Warren's 15mm Cargo Ship Project

If Modern Warfare isn't your thing then you've also got some work by Ben who has been painting away at some Burrows & Badgers this week. Who would have thought that he'd find more of these miniatures to paint right?


Ben's Burrows & Badgers But Grimdark

What we'd love to know though is what YOU have been getting up to when it comes to your hobby? Make sure to drop some links down below to what you've been getting up to when it comes to building armies, painting miniatures and playing games.

Maybe you'll even find something new and interesting thanks to what others have been getting up to?

Have a great weekend and stay safe!

"What we'd love to know though is what YOU have been getting up to when it comes to your hobby? "

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