Let’s Play: Para Bellum – Conquest – Learn To Play

January 15, 2018 by dignity

Leo from Para Bellum has landed in the studio to teach me how to play Conquest.

Let's Play: Para Bellum - Conquest

We've set up a specific scenario with Leo to show off the core mechanics of Activation, March, Clash, Volley and Reinforcement in one turn of the game so you can learn easily too.

In Conquest, the miniatures are considered warbands and with the size of this game being so huge, the gameplay is fast paced and quick to resolve damaged units.

In this game I'm working with the Hunter Kingdoms against the alien brute forces of the Spire along with the Thresher Abomination which is available in the core box. My objective is to kill it!

What do you think of Para Bellum Conquest?

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