#PathOfConquest The W’adrhŭn: Milestone Five – Gerry’s Conquest!

February 12, 2022 by avernos

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Gerry is back to discuss the next step of the Para Bellum WargamesPath Of Conquest series for the W'adrhŭn. Today, we're learning more about the Raptor Riders and the ways they can be used to keep your flanks protected!


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Tag A Project "Path Of Conquest": Show Us Your Armies

The Raptors Riders are some of the coolest model kits in the Conquest range so it would seem right to include some in your army!

The W'adrhŭn Step-By-Step Army List (Coming Soon)

Update Your Conquest Rules: Errata & FAQ

Quick Start Change Guide

How have you painted up your first few units for the W'adrhŭn? Have you gone for something big, bold and bright?

Are you playing as the W'adrhŭn?

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