Let’s Play: Wolsung – Inventors Vs Ash & Oak

November 14, 2016 by dignity

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It's time once again for Justin and John to go head to head in a battle that could change history, the small seaside town of Lyonsberg is under siege and it's John's time to defend it. We;re back to playing Wolsung by Mirco Art Studio.

Let's Play: Wolsung - Inventors Vs Ash & Oak

Justin's playing the Inventors with the Biocognitive Golem, Luigi Campari, Thorvald and a Golem to boot.

On the opposing side, defending the town we have John playing as the Ash & Oak Club with Sir Zachary, Sir Lance and a couple of nifty Butlers aiding their plans.

Who will come out on top, place your bets now!

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