TheTerrainTutor’s Terrain Essentials Kickstarter – New Stretch Goals!

March 27, 2019 by dracs

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Mel The Terrain Tutor has teamed up with Dave Taylor and together launched a Kickstarter to produce a new book taking you through the essentials of building tabletop terrain. It's time to learn about some Terrain Essentials.

This is a great resource for anyone delving into creating terrain for the tabletop from scratch!

Update: New Stretch Goals

Over the last few days, the team have worked really hard and backers have helped them chase all manner of different stretch goals.

Stretch Goals #1

Stretch Goals #2

Things have been going very well indeed with loads of additional pages added into the mix and a hardback version VERY close to being funded. Additional options are also on the horizon with signings within the books PLUS more pages which explore water and snow techniques.

Stretch Goals #3

Stretch Goals #4

Things are going very well indeed and with over two weeks left on the campaign, there's probably a lot more to be unlocked!

What's The Campaign About?

For those of you who don't already know, Mel Bose, The Terrain Tutor, is a guy with a great passion for the tabletop gaming industry and he has been sharing his love of terrain building on his YouTube channel for the past five years.

Along with Dave Taylor, fresh off the success of his own hobby focused book Armies & Legions & Hordes, he is seeking to make this new book filled with tips and guidance from his years of experience.

The Terrain Essentials book will go into everything you need to get stuck into building some awesome gaming tables.

This includes things like the Theory behind it and everything you need to consider before you start, the Materials and Tools you'll need, and the basic techniques behind crafting and painting terrain. There will also be plenty of tips for working on specific aspects of a build, such as trees, water effects, or working with terrain kits.

We recently had Mel in the studio, where he joined us on the Weekender and helped Lloyd out with some terrain tips in a Vlog.

Mel's passion for terrain building is truly infectious and his work on his own terrain projects is top notch. Having his expertise available in a handy book is extremely useful, especially with the quality we know that Dave Taylor is able to achieve with his published works.

Do you plan to back this Kickstarter? What is your dream terrain project?

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