The Lore Of Conquest – Lycaon | Para Bellum Wargames Spotlight Companion

May 12, 2023 by avernos

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In this week's Para Bellum Spotlight Companion, Gerry sits down with Konstantinos from Para Bellum Wargames to discuss the City State of Lycaon. A territory that is as militaristic as they are devoted they cut a fascinating swathe through Eä for Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings.

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In this particular spotlight, the discussion delves into the Realm of the Wolf God, Aecos, and the City State that thrives and survives under its patronage. The facets of the God both inform the fortunes of the City and reflect the will of the people.

This Spotlight really helps to expand our knowledge of how the balance of the City States can be shifted to favour one of Platon's checks more than the others and how it causes the City to grow and its fortunes wax and wane.

Let us know your thoughts on this new nugget of Conquest lore!

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