Dropfleet Commander: Wave Three Unboxing – Space Stations

December 2, 2016 by dignity

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Prepare for docking as wave three of the releases for Dropfleet Commander brings us the Modular Space Station Pack, containing the biggest sprue Hawk Wargames have made to date!

Dropfleet Comander: Wave Three Unboxing - Space Stations

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The set allows you to build enough installations to cover two tables and with parts of many different sizes and variety contained within your creative juices will be flowing. They certainly have been at Beasts of War HQ (if you're visiting, bring a mop).

We also take a look at the Launch Asset Pack which allows you to replace the tokens of the starter set with plastic bombers, fighter and torpedoes

For the other releases check out these videos…

What sort of space station would you build?

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