Airdropped Weapons Hit The Ground In Flames Of War

November 22, 2019 by brennon

Flames Of War welcomes some new options for those playing as either the Airborne or the Fallschirmjäger in their battles played out during World War II. Check out this week's releases from Battlefront Miniatures.

Fallschirmjager 3.7cm Tank-Hunter Platoon - Flames Of War

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We start off with a bit of kit for the Fallschirmjager with their 3.7cm Tank-Hunter Platoon. These were lightly armoured guns which were prone to getting overrun by the enemy but they were able to hold the line more than often until heavier weapons could be deployed onto the battlefield.

As well as that you also have the Fallschirmjager 2cm Anti-aircraft Platoon which were used to watch the skies and take down planes which were delivering troops behind enemy lines during some of the offensives in World War II.

Fallschirmjager 2cm Anti-aircraft Platoon - Flames Of War

Additionally, as we've learned from looking at anti-aircraft guns before, you could then turn those guns down to face your enemy on the ground. It still fired some hefty shells which could shred through cover and protect your infantry as they advance.

US Airborne Offerings

Over on the US side of things we have the Parachute 75mm Artillery Battery which could be broken down, loaded into planes and then dropped with the infantry into the heat of battle.

Parachute 75mm Artillery Battery - Flames Of War

They were quick to assemble and could easily be snapped up by troops once they'd landed so they proved to be a good way of countering German defenders who were dug in. The same goes for the Parachute Mortar Platoon which was also bundled in with the parachute troops as they fell from the skies.

Parachute Mortar Platoon - Flames Of War

Once again, these were quick and easy to use for the troops who landed further inland during the invasion. As mentioned in Battlefront's blurb these lads would have most likely fired all of their ammo before the soldiers on the beach had even finished getting the sand out of their radios.

What do you make of these new options from Battlefront for Flames Of War?

"What do you make of these new options from Battlefront for Flames Of War?"

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