Battlefront Look Ahead To Flames Of War & Team Yankee In 2020

December 19, 2019 by brennon

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Battlefront Miniatures are sticking with tradition and giving us a look ahead to what they have planned for 2020 before they go off on their holibobs. The future is looking interesting for both Flames Of War and Team Yankee.

D-Day British - Flames Of War

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Leading the way we have the coming of the D-Day British book which is going to be exploring the boys of Blighty as they head across the Channel to get stuck into the fighting against the Axis. As part of this wave of releases, you're going to be seeing some new plastic kits including British Paratrooper. There will also be some armour on the way in the form of the Dingo, Daimler, and Crusader AA but you'll also be able to snag a new pre-crafted Bocage Kit as well which is useful in making your battlefields a bit more dangerous.

On the German side of things, there will also be a new book for the D-Day: Waffen-SS so watch this space for their entry into the series and the tale of D-Day on the tabletop.

Bagration Beckons

Beyond D-Day we're starting to look towards Bagration and the first of three books will be coming out for the Soviets to fit this operation.

Bagration Soviet - Flames Of War

Brutal fighting broke out during this period which saw the Soviets using the likes of the deep battle and maskirovka tactic to outwit the Axis. More terrain packs will be coming out to support this offensive including some new cardboard options and some new ruins for those taking the fight to the streets of Budapest. Obviously, the Germans will also be getting a book which fits into this period of the war.

Airdropping Booklets

Another booklet is also going to be coming with the Red Devils becoming an option for those playing during the Mid-War period. This gives you a few more options for playing out games as the British Airborne and Commando units deployed during World War II.

Red Devils - Flames Of War

Also, the Axis are getting some supplements too with the likes of the Finnish popping up during next year. So, if you're looking to deploy some dead hard soldiers onto the battlefield from very wintery climates, this will be the direction you'll want to be peeking.

World War III

Beyond all of that, Battlefront is also turning their attention to Team Yankee once more with a new Complete Starter Set which offers up bumper forces for the United States Of America and Soviet Union.

Team Yankee Starter Set - Battlefront Miniatures

Plastic goodies will be included within this set but you'll also find that they then supplement things with new books and model kits along the way too. Resin and metal options are on the cards for some of the more iconic vehicles from the period as well as new terrain kits.

On the subject of books, you'll be able to pick up World War III: British first followed by WWIII: American and finally WWIII: Soviet. You can get a peek at what they have lined up in miniature form by diving deeper into the preview HERE.

What do you think of their plans for 2020?

"What do you think of their plans for 2020?"

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